Anti-counterfeiting solutions for manufacturer brands, retailers and after-market platforms.

No changes, or costs added, to manufacturing processes. And, no interruptions to retail platform customer UX.

Bank grade digital ID, generated at the point of sale. Customers automatically benefit from banking security updates.

Full visibility, products tracked and authenticated from manufacture to resale.

Revenue generated over the course of a products physical lifespan, as opposed to ending at the Point of Sale.

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TAGD is a European tech company – based in London – that has developed complimentary cloud based anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Separately, and in conjunction, each solution directly addresses the financial incentives that drives all counterfeiting activity.

We partner with global brands and emerging businesses, across multiple industries and sectors to deliver applications that protect products from counterfeiting activity.

Unlock a data goldmine.

Bespoke controls over territories and countries where counterfeiting is prevalent.

Active, precision targetting, better insights, increased customer retention rates. Every resale buyer becomes a potential new customer.

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A cloud based anti-counterfeiting system that generates transferable digital ID’s that ensure branded products when sold can be authenticated, driving value through the industry chain.

A secondary system that blocks transactions of unverified products, and forces compliance with the primary system.

Unlike other solutions TAGD(s) digital ID’s cannot be duplicated, or used to sell counterfeit versions of authentic products.

Instant market penetration. Generate digital ID’s for products that have already been sold.

No lengthy transition period - 5 to 10 years – riddled with PR difficulties, as the market fills with digitised products.

Centralised management. ID’s for exchanged/returned products updated, invalidated or cancelled instantaneously.

All of the benefits of blockchain, minus the cost and complexity of its implementation.

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Connect e-comm to TAGD API


Connect e-comm to TAGD API

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TAGD Core System


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Co-founder & CEO - Christopher Clarke
Chief Technical Officer - Daniele Galluccio
Chief Operating Officer - Alex Matthews
Chief Product Officer - Neil Sampson
Chief Architect - Leslie Gonsalves
Chief Data Officer - Pascal G Bernard

In addition to our core team we have established partnerships with the UK’s No1 Software Development Firm and UX/UI Agency.

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